Before your visit

Please ensure that the below steps are taken, failure to do so may result in your device not being able to be worked on.

Find My Turned Off

Please ensure Find My is turned off on your device. If enabled when the device is in service our technicians will be unable to complete any work.

Remove Find My

Back up your device

Please make sure you have a back-up of your data before your device is handed in for repair. Depending on the service required, data and applications stored on the device will be erased or the device may be replaced. To extent where applicable by law, Western Computer is not responsible and cannot be held liable for any data or consequential loss which may occur as a result of the services we provide.

Back up iOS device     Back up Mac     Back up Apple Watch

Service FAQs

How do I book in a repair?

Please click below to book contact your local store and request service for your product. We’ll get back to you with the information you need to get your device booked in with us.

Book here

What are your charges for Mail-in repairs?

To cover the cost of the returning your product to you once the repair is completed we charge a set fee of:

iOS devices – £25
MacBook – £35
iMac – £45

How do I send my device to you for mail-in repairs?

You will be contacted with full shipping instructions when you request a mail-in repair.

It is very important that you use adequate secure packaging when sending your device. Always use the original packaging provided by Apple where possible, and try to cover up any product information indicating what may be contained in the package. If we receive a device and the packing is not found to be adequate, it will not be returned until we can provide suitable packaging which may cause delay and further cost.

Can I get telephone technical support?

AppleCare provides expert telephone technical support for your Apple product. Complimentary telephone support is available for 90 days on Mac, iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. You can contact AppleCare by calling 0800 107 6285. Ensure that you have your product serial number to hand before calling.

Please note that our stores are unable to provide technical support over the telephone.

Can you give me an estimate over the telephone?

We are unable to provide estimates over the telephone. Your product will need to be inspected and diagnosed by our Apple Authorised Service Technicians before we are able to provide you with a cost for repair. If your product is in warranty or covered by the Western Computer guarantee, there will be no charge for the repair.

Can all Apple products be serviced?

Yes, as an Apple Authorised Service Provider we repair all Apple products including Mac, iPad, iPhone, iPod, Apple Watch, Apple Accessories and Beats. Unfortunately, we are unable to service products which are over 6 years old.

Do you repair cracked screens?

Yes, we repair cracked screens at all of our service centres. Please bring your product into our stores for an inspection and diagnosis.

Is my product covered by warranty or the Western Computer guarantee?

Input your product serial number here to check whether your product is under Apple’s warranty. If your product was purchased from Western Computer, it may be covered by the two-year Western Computer guarantee. Further information about the Western Computer guarantee is available here. We will be unable to repair products under warranty or guarantee with evidence of internal damage such as water contamination or non-authorised Apple parts. However, we will provide you with a cost for fixing your product.

Can you repair my Apple product if I didn’t originally buy it from a Western Computer store?

Yes – we repair all Apple products with a worldwide warranty, not just those purchased from Western Computer.


To see our full Service Centre Terms & Conditions please click here.

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