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Introduction to macOS Server

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About Introduction to macOS Server

This hands on workshop is an introduction course to basic server services, environment topology, backups and ongoing maintenance. 

£399.00 inc. VAT

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  • Mac OS X: Introduction to Mac OS X Server

    Course Objectives

    This hands on workshop is an introduction course to basic server services, environment topology, backups and ongoing maintenance. This course includes basic troubleshooting techniques, which will prepare you to preform routine maintenance, check backups; perform minor system and server upgrades. With a greater understanding of your local network, you will be best prepared to understand how any point of failure may impact services.

    Who Should Attend?

    Help desk specialists, technical coordinators, and entry-level system administrators who are wanting to implement and maintain small networks using macOS Server.

    What You’ll Learn

    • The troubleshooting process and how to use tools and resources.
    • Features and functionality of


    • Knowledge of macOS and basic computer navigation.

    How Do I Book?

    To book a training course, please call our Training Coordinator on 0117 922 5661 or alternatively send an email to 

  • Upcoming Course Dates

    Please contact our Training Coordinator by emailing:
  • Course Duration: 1 Day

    Course Outline


    The following outline is a summary of the subjects that will be covered on the course. All of our courses are responsive to the requests and learning needs of learners and as such content may be changed, adjusted or otherwise altered on the day and as thus should be taken as indicative only.

    Delegates should note that content on the day may change due to circumstances outside of our control, such as changes by the manufacturer.

    Network Topology

    • Understanding how your server fits in to your existing environment.
    • Which services are provided by your Router.
    • Apple AirPort or Wi-Fi access point and those provided by


    • Understanding Network settings and services. 

    System and Overview

    • Introduction to the local filesystem and tools.

    System Troubleshooting and Maintenance

    • Learn basic system troubleshooting and maintenance tasks.
    • Setup and verify successful backups.
    • Updating System and

    Basic Services

    • Using to create local users.
    • Best practices for configuring File Sharing.
    • Understanding permissions, etc.
    • Introduction to Calendar and Contacts services.

    Open Directory (Local Network Users)

    • Learn why we may need Open Directory, and what the differences are between Local and Network User Accounts.

    Software Update and Caching Service

    • Understand the benefits of Caching Apple software inside your network.

    Remote Access

    • Learn how to gain remote access to your server using File Sharing or Screen Sharing services.
    • Understand the underlying network changes required to support these services.
    • Introduction to VPN service.

    Introduction to Websites

    • Learn how to configure the Website service to publish your own site internally.

    Profile Manager

    • Brief introduction to managing iOS and macOS devices through the Profile Manager service.


    • Hosting mail services.
    • Understanding the criticality of underlying services.