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Introduction to Illustrator

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About Introduction to Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is the application of choice for artists, designers and of course illustrators when clean scalable vector based artwork is required. Illustrator offers unprecedented precision and control in designing graphics for print, screen or many other applications.

£449.00 inc. VAT

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  • Introduction to Illustrator

    Course Overview
    Adobe Illustrator is a powerful and effective vector based illustration package. It is one of the three packages most required by studios and organisations delivering to print. Illustrator can be used to produce all kinds of line-based illustration. The course starts with explaining the way that Illustrator works and then moves onto the basic elements that make up an image. 
    You can accomplish a wide variety of design tasks with Adobe Illustrator. This course focuses on core concepts and techniques you can apply to workflows for print, the web, and many other destinations.
    Tools that combine, split and transform simple shapes in to complex finished artwork are shown and powerful methods for setting type are shown. Perspective is introduced and reusable symbols and patterns are generated. Finally the options for exporting work in an appropriate format for intended use in other applications is explored.

    Who Should Attend
    This course is aimed at people who need to learn Illustrator to use in a professional environment, such as a studio or workshop. Ideal for those requiring a concise overview of illustration. A must for marketing people and in house designers. 

    What You'll Learn
    What is Illustrator, what does it do?
    What are vectors?
    Creating documents for different contexts
    The Illustrator interface.
    Getting Started with Illustrator, setting it up, understanding preferences.
    Working with documents and art boards, organizing artwork with rulers, guides, and grids
    Drawing lines, shapes and objects.
    Making detailed selections
    Resizing, rotating, and transforming objects
    Working with fills and strokes
    Using the Shape Builder and Image Trace features
    Drawing and editing paths
    Working with Layers
    Selecting and transforming Objects
    Understanding swatches and colour
    Using Fills and Strokes
    Working with Paths
    Understanding and exploiting the pen tool.
    Using Type in Illustrator
    Working with images
    Tracing and colouring.
    Creating and Using Symbols
    Drawing in Perspective
    Printing, Saving, and Exporting

    No previous experience is required, although some drawing skills are desirable. The course is run on Macintosh computers, however it is suitable for those using PCs as the software and the training can be cross-platform.
    Further Learning Once comfortable, graduating to our Advanced class will enhance your knowledge of this application. Or, if there are specific areas that are of interest, why not book a one-on-one bespoke course with our experts? 

    How Do I Book?
    To book a training course, please call our Training Coordinator on 0117 922 5661 or alternatively send an email to 

  • Upcoming Course Dates

    27th-28th March
    26th-27th June
    12th-13th October

  • Course Duration: 2 days

    Course Outline
    The following outline is a summary of the subjects that will be covered on the course. All of our courses are responsive to the requests and learning needs of learners and as such content may be changed, adjusted or otherwise altered on the day and as thus should be taken as indicative only.
    Delegates should note that content on the day may change due to circumstances outside of our control, such as changes by the manufacturer.


    Getting Started
    What is Illustrator used for? (There’s a big clue in the name!)
    Understanding vector graphics
    Setting preferences
    Touring the workspace
    Exploring the panels
    Working with the Control panel
    Creating and saving workspaces
    What are vector graphics?

    Creating files for print and screen
    Using pre-built templates
    Exploring the panels
    Using the Control panel
    Using workspaces
    Navigating within a document
    Using rulers, guides, and grids, changing units of measurement
    Using preview modes
    Creating and using art boards
    Using the bounding box
    Using Smart Guides
    The Hide Edges command

    Drawing objects
    Lines of various kinds
    Path, fill and stroke
    Path and appearance
    Making dashes and arrows
    Variable-width strokes
    Using width profiles
    Outlining strokes
    Creating and editing gradients
    Applying gradients to strokes
    Applying and editing pattern fills
    Stacking order

    RGB, CMYK and spot colours
    Adjusting Illustrator colour settings
    Process vs. global swatches
    Using the swatch groups
    Working with colour libraries
    Using the Colour Guide panel

    Making Selections
    Using the basic selection tools
    Selecting objects by attribute or type
    Selecting artwork beneath other objects
    Exploring selection preferences
    Grouping objects
    Using isolation mode
    Resizing your artwork
    Rotating objects
    Distorting and transforming objects
    Repeating transformations
    Aligning and distributing objects

    Drawing and Editing Paths
    Understanding anchor points
    Drawing straight paths with the Pen tool
    Drawing curved paths with the Pen tool
    Drawing freeform paths with the Pencil tool
    Smoothing and erasing paths
    Editing anchor points
    Joining and averaging paths
    Simplifying paths, joining and averaging paths
    Using the Scissors and Knife tools, working with the Join tool
    Tracing artwork with the Pen tool

    Building Shapes
    The Draw Inside and Draw Behind modes
    Creating compound paths and compound shapes
    Using the Shape Builder tool
    Using Pathfinder functions
    Using the Blob Brush and Eraser tools
    Working with the Paintbrush and Pencil tools
    Smoothing and erasing paths
    Working with the Curvature tool

    Working with type
    Creating point text or area text?
    Applying basic character and paragraph settings
    Creating text threads
    Setting text along an open or closed path
    Converting text into paths
    Using Typekit desktop fonts

    Appearances and Effects
    Using the Appearance panel
    Targeting object attributes
    Adding multiple attributes
    Adjusting Appearance
    Applying multiple fills
    Applying multiple strokes
    Adjusting appearance with live effects
    Saving appearances as graphic styles
    Creating and using design libraries

    Using imported Images
    Placing images into Illustrator
    Embedding images into Illustrator
    Cropping images with a mask
    Exploring the Image Trace panel
    Converting pixels to paths with Live Trace
    Controlling colours in Live Trace
    Converting pixels to paths

    Using Groups and Layers
    Creating and editing groups
    The importance of using layers
    Using and “reading” the Layers panel

    Managing repeating artwork with symbols
    Modifying and replacing symbol instances
    Using the Symbol Sprayer tool

    Defining a perspective grid
    Drawing artwork in perspective
    Moving flat art onto the perspective grid

    Printing, Saving, and Exporting
    Printing your Illustrator document
    Saving your Illustrator document
    Creating PDF files for clients and printers
    Exporting Illustrator files for use in Microsoft Office
    Exporting Illustrator files for use in Photoshop
    Exporting artwork for use on the web
    Exporting high-resolution raster files