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Boost Work Productivity on Your iPhone

July 6, 2018

We are sure that most days you probably use your iPhone for work. Whether that be to send an email or file, call a colleague or enter a meeting in your calendar. We are going to share some ideas that could save you time and boost your productivity while using your iPhone.

If you are going to work from your iPhone you will need to be in sync with your main working device whether that be an iPad, laptop or computer. Your files will always need to be accessible no matter what device you are on. Gone are the days where you can only send a file via email when you are at your computer. Sorry, but that excuse is long gone. There are plenty of options out there such as iCloud Drive, Dropbox and Box all of which have free cloud storage solutions.
Not sure how to manage your iCloud storage on your iPhone go to Settings > [Your Name] > iCloud > Manage Storage. You can also toggle which apps you want iCloud to use.

It might sound obvious but to ensure productivity between your devices is as seamless as possible then ensure your iPhone, iPad and where possible Macs are using the same apps. That way you can count on the information entered into your iPhone will be seen across all your devices.

Extensions mean you do not need to keep switching between apps when sharing files, images etc. Share blocks of text, or images to notes, your reading list or straight to Dropbox allowing you to come back to them later without even needing to leave the original app.

If you have not already downloaded the Apple Workflow app, go and do it now then come straight back. Workflow allows you to set up super quick workflow events from your phone or iPad, set up one-tap buttons that will call certain people or create PDF’s from safari. It will save you time and allow you to add workflows directly into the extensions mentioned above. Workflow can truly customise your working method for your specific requirements.

There is nothing wrong with working on a standard model iPhone. But it is hard to argue that the larger screen size will make working on your iPhone easier. You do not need to rush out and change your standard iPhone now, but perhaps when you consider an upgrade try a plus model you will notice the difference.

iPhone’s are such a big part of our daily lives from the moment you turn off your alarm to paying for your lunch, to taking a picture and the million other things in-between. iPhone will soon be essential in the workplace for many. Let us know which of these tips you have found useful and are now installed on your iPhone.

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