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Introduction to Adobe Acrobat

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About Introduction to Adobe Acrobat

Learn to use Acrobat in a business or a publishing situation. Find out how to verify a PDF, preflight and to add comments to your Acrobat documents. Learn how to make forms and incorporate interactivity.

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£449.00 + VAT

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  • Introduction to Adobe Acrobat

    Course Overview
    Over the last decade the PDF has become increasingly popular as a means of sharing information, becoming so ubiquitous that often people find themselves using PDFs without really understanding what they are and how they work Take a tour of Acrobat and get a fresh look at what you can do with PDF. This course demonstrates the basics of working with PDFs: how to create, combine, edit, export, and review documents. Find out how to verify PDF, preflight and comment your acrobat documents. Learn how to add interactivity. This course covers the basics of the software and is suitable for a production or office situation. Adding basic interactivity is shown, both as generating forms and adding buttons and rich media. 

    What you will learn
    Creating PDFs in OSX from web pages, word-processed files, and Creative Suite files.
    Navigating and searching a PDF
    Inserting, replacing, and extracting pages
    Basic PDF editing
    Combining PDFs.
    Making PDFs accept comments and notes.
    Preflighting print documents with production tools.
    Checking and fixing common print errors using Acrobat Pro.
    Adding interactivity and rich media.
    Making a PDF flow on a small screen, adding accessibility features.
    Adding hyperlinks and bookmarks
    Adding a watermark, header, or footer
    Combining multiple files into a single PDF
    Collaborating and sharing
    PDF security
    Working with PDF forms

    Who Should Attend
    This course is suitable for anyone without any knowledge of Acrobat. No publishing skills are assumed. Although this course is delivered on a Mac it is also suitable for PC users.

    Further Learning
    Have a personalised course designed for you.
    Bring real-world issues or troublesome files and get your questions answered.
    Cover the corners of Acrobat not normally covered in our scheduled courses.
    Fast-track learning into Acrobat's extended features.
    Call our training consultant on 0117 922 5661 with your requirements for a quote or to make a booking.

    How Do I Book?
    To book a training course, please call our Training Coordinator on 0117 922 5661 or alternatively send an email to 

  • Course Duration: 2 Days

    Course Outline
    The following outline is a summary of the subjects that will be covered on the course. All of our courses are responsive to the requests and learning needs of learners and as such content may be changed, adjusted or otherwise altered on the day and as thus should be taken as indicative only. Delegates should also note that content on the day may change due to circumstances outside of our control, such as changes by the manufacturer. 

    Introducing Acrobat
    Opening documents and moving them around, navigating the documents. How to change the screen view and the viewing options.
    Understanding the tool panels, menus, panels and other interface elements.
    Using search and the search panel to find what you’re looking for.
    Reviewing and changing preferences, how to fix hairline joins in viewing.

    Combining and modifying PDFs
    Combining multiple PDFs into one, assembling a PDF portfolio. Inserting, deleting and replacing pages

    Creating PDFs
    Creating PDFs from Word and other office documents.
    Creating PDFs on a Mac from inside OS X.
    Using the creative suite to generate a PDF, how different Creative Suite applications make a PDF.
    Understanding the specification of a pdf and determining the best form of PDF for a particular purpose.
    Understanding fonts on a PDF.
    Converting web pages to PDFs
    Scanning hard copy
    Creating PDFs from text and image files
    Converting selected areas of a document and clipboard contents into a PDF
    Printing to PDF

    Exporting PDF
    Exporting text from PDF documents.
    Extracting images
    Optimizing a PDF for file size and compatibility

    Editing PDFs
    Editing and touching up text. Using and editing graphics. Adding page numbers, watermarks and
    headers and footers. Adding hyperlinks and bookmarks.
    Adding metadata.
    Cropping pages and documents

    Comments and reviews
    Adding annotations. Using drawing mark-ups, adding sticky notes and other annotations
    Creating email reviews and doing shared reviews.
    Viewing, filtering, and replying to comments and printing, summarizing, and exporting comments

    Interactivity and forms
    Understanding interactive forms,
    Creating forms from Word documents
    Creating initial view settings

    Adding Rich Media and Interactivity
    Adding hyperlinks to URLs
    Creating links with the Link tool
    Working with interactive actions
    Creating and adding buttons
    Adding video, sound, and SWF files
    Adding page transitions
    Preflighting and Print Production
    Reviewing the print production tools.
    Previewing colour separations, fixing hairlines and converting colours
    Working with the Preflight dialogue box and using the Object Inspector to learn details
    Saving as a standards-compliant PDF