A great platform for business.
iPad is transforming the way we work.

iPad has become the standard for business, running the world’s most advanced mobile operating system yet. iOS makes iPad even more powerful thanks to tight integreation with the latest technologies so your devices are always ahead of the game.

Organisations are empowering employees with iPad to boost productivity. Apple makes it easy to manage iOS devices, so IT can focus on what’s important – helping employees change the way they work.

The business tool that everyone wants to use.

From the moment you pick up iPad you know how to use it. iOS is designed to be easy, intuitive and familiar so you’re productive straight away.

Security that’s built in – not bolted on.

With iPad, security is built in at every stage. The combination of device, data and network security enables Apple to deliver a secure architecture that you can trust.

Complete management.

Manage devices, configure access and protect data easily without compromising the user experience. MDM, Mobile Device Management, allows centralised over-the-air management of your devices by utilising the built in frameworks in iOS.

Fast, simple deployment at any scale.

Using iOS with DEP, Device Enrolment Program, and an MDM solution allows for easy, scalable deployment of corporate owned and BYOD devices straight out the box.

The App Store

Whatever your needs, the App Store offers thousands of options including many free business apps, Use the Volume Purchase Program (VPP) to purchase and distribute apps in volume for your employees.

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