In-Store Services

We’re here to help you setup and get the most out of your Apple device.

Our in-store team of certified Apple staff are always willing to help, whether you think there may be something wrong with your Apple device or even if you just want to know how to get the most out of it.

Simply visit your local Western Computer store and enquire about an in-store service.

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You & Me 

Never used an Apple product before? Need help switching from a PC? Know the basics but still have questions? Buying a Mac, iPad or iPhone is just the first step.

‘You & Me’ provides in-store advice tailored to whatever you need to know next. Let our friendly advisor take you on a tour as well as setting up the essentials to get started. We can also recommend and install applications and software to help you to make the most of your Apple product for work, family and entertainment. Come along with other Apple devices, if you have them, so we can get everything working together. All sessions take place in-store where you bought your product at a time to suit you.

Walk out with a new confidence in using your Apple device.

Personal Setup 

You’re keen to use your new Apple device – iPhone, iPad or Mac but may need some help getting everything set up and ready to go. With this service, we take the time to introduce you to your device, as well as configuring the settings and preferences to get you started.
These include your mail accounts, messages and Apple ID as well as personal options such as parental and accessibility settings.

Make the product yours – with a little help from our friendly in-store team.
Device Introduction.
Create and/or Set-up Apple ID (App Store, Email and Messages).
Setup Face ID/Touch ID/File Vault.
Configure settings and preferences e.g. Parental Controls, Accessibility, Wallpaper.
 App Store tour.
Configure Mail accounts.
How to connect to Wi-Fi.

Mac Spring Clean 

Ensure your Mac is really performing at its best with our Mac Spring Clean service. We start by checking for everything that is holding back optimal performance such as adware extensions and malicious anti-virus software. We also check and verify disk permissions. Then we assess where we can improve performance from hard drive capacity to helpful browser extensions and any outstanding software updates. Your Mac Spring Clean then is finished off with just that – cleaning the machine itself and advice on how to keep it running at its best in the future.

Leave the store knowing your device is looking and performing at its best.
Extensive check for malicious anti-virus software.
Removal of adware extensions.
Check and verify disk permissions.
Complete any outstanding software updates.
Assess current hard drive capacity.
Install helpful browser extensions (e.g. AdBlock).
Advice on how to keep your Mac running at its best.
Cleaning machine.

Mac Data Transfer 

You’re keen to get started with your new Mac but first you really need to transfer everything safely and comprehensively from your old one. Our Mac data transfer service makes the whole process very simple, considering everything you need for a new start…and we mean everything. We set up your user accounts, transfer mail accounts and Safari bookmarks and of course transfer all documents, pictures, iTunes music and applications. We’ll also ensure you have the updates installed for all available software.

A comprehensive service ensuring you and your new Mac are all ready to go as soon as you leave the store.
Set-up user accounts.
Transfer documents, pictures, Apple Music and applications.
Migrate all settings and preferences.
Migrate contacts and calendar.
Install Mac updates.
Transfer Safari bookmarks.
Transfer Apple Mail accounts.

iOS Data Transfer 

It’s great to upgrade but vital to transfer everything you need securely from old to new. Our comprehensive service ensures all your data is taken across from your old iOS device to your new iPhone, iPad or iPad Touch: documents, pictures and apps. Our staff will also transfer your vital statistics such as your Apple ID, email accounts, settings and preferences.

With one simple solution you can be up and running quickly; enjoying your new device, confident that you still have all your original data, apps and settings in place.
Transfer Apple ID.
Move documents, pictures and apps from existing iOS device.
Migrate all settings and preferences.
Transfer email accounts (passwords may be required).
Transfer App Store purchases.
Sync contacts and calendars.

PC Data Transfer 

You’re making the move to Mac from Windows so let us help you get everything onto your new product with our simple PC Data Transfer service. As well as transferring vital files such as documents, photos, movies and iTunes music, this service will set up your user account and install all the Mac updates you need. Leave the store with your new device up and running and ready to use.

A comprehensive service to transfer everything you need; now you’ve made the move to Mac.
Set-up user accounts.
Install Mac updates.

iOS Service 

Sometimes software issues are best resolved by completely restoring your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to its factory settings. Or do you want to start again with a completely blank slate for yourself or a new user, confident that all previous data and applications have been removed?

Our iOS service will not only reset your iOS device to factory settings but also includes cleaning your device and ports.

A fresh start all round for your iPhone, iPad or iPod to get it looking and working as good as new.
iOS device restored back to factory default.
Clean charging port.
Clean device.
Reset password (if required).
iOS updated.

MacOS Reset 

Sometimes you really need to start with a clean slate. Our complete MacOS Reset service includes the two vital steps to restore your Mac to its original factory settings. Firstly our staff erases the existing macOS version along with all your personal data, settings and applications. They then reinstall the most appropriate latest macOS version for your device. Your Mac is now restored and ready to use for yourself or to pass on with confidence to a new user.
 macOS erased.
Reset password (if required).
 macOS reinstalled.

Backup Assistant 

Protecting your data is vital – from work files to music, contacts to photos and other precious memories. With this important service, we firstly explain the benefits and options for backing up files and data regularly. We also configure your hard drive with Time Machine to ensure your backups are running seamlessly. Time Machine is a unique Apple back-up application that works with all the internal and external drives containing your data.

Relax in the confidence that your data is protected, leaving you to enjoy your new or restored Apple product.
Recommend suitable external hard drive.
Setup Time Machine.
Time Machine overview.
Complete first backup.

Screen Protection Installation 

Protect your iPhone screen with our Screen Protector Installation Service. The service includes the price of the screen protector and installation using state of the art Belkin TCP equipment. The process ensures bubble free application and accurate screen protector allignment. The Screen Protector will protect against scratches, dirt and various knocks to make sure that your device will be protected for the future.
 Clean screen surface.
Install screen protector using Belkin TCP Machine.
Check device.

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