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Introduction to macOS

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About Introduction to macOS

On completion of the course, delegates should be able to easily negotiate their away around a Mac.

£249.00 inc. VAT

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  • Mac OS X: Introduction to Mac OS X

    Course Overview
    On completion of the course, delegates should be able to easily negotiate their away around the Mac and understand how to organise and retrieve files, print documents, access the internet, add devices and configure their Mac as required. This course is suitable for rank beginners as well as people migrating from other operating systems who need to get up to speed quickly.

    It starts with a tour of the hardware, followed by the interface: menus, Finder, and Dock, so you can start using files, folders, and apps. He then shows how to save files and find them again quickly, as well as use the core applications that come bundled with Sierra (Mail, Calendar, Messages, iTunes, and Safari), and install new apps from the Apple Store. Finally, the course explores sharing over a network, and backing up your system, manually or with Time Machine, so you don’t lose any important data.

    Who Should Attend
    This course is aimed at people migrating to Macs from a PC, or to people for whom this is their first computer.

    What You'll Learn
    • An overview of the basic hardware components.
    • Understanding what the Operating System does.
    • The Finder. Browsing file folders with Finder
    • Creating, copying, moving, and renaming files and folders
    • Organising your desktop and using folders to set up a filing system. 
    • The Dock. Launching and quitting applications from the Dock
    • System Preferences
    • Using Dashboard Widgets and Mission Control
    • Saving and searching
    • Using iTunes, QuickTime, and Maps
    • Installing applications from the App Store
    • Using fonts.
    • Formatting and organising storage devices.
    • Printing.
    • Using Safari to browse the Internet.
    • Accessing email.
    • Customising the Macintosh.
    • Quick View.
    • Installing from a Disk Image.
    • Launching and working with applications
    • Backing up with Time Machine
    • Configuring wireless Bluetooth input devices
    • Staying current with Software Update
    • Accessing and using the App store.

    • No prior knowledge is assumed or necessary

    How Do I Book?
    To book a training course, please call our Training Coordinator on 0117 922 5661 or alternatively send an email to

  • Upcoming Course Dates

    Please contact our Training Coordinator by emailing:

  • Course Duration: 1 Day

    Course Outline

    The following outline is a summary of the subjects that will be covered on the course. All of our courses are responsive to the requests and learning needs of learners and as such content may be changed, adjusted or otherwise altered on the day and as thus should be taken as indicative only.

    Delegates should note that content on the day may change due to circumstances outside of our control, such as changes by the manufacturer. 

    Setting Up, Hardware And Getting Started
    • Tour of the hardware.
    • What is an operating system?
    • Running macOS 10.12 for the first time.
    • Setting up the Bluetooth keyboard, mouse, and other peripherals.
    • Working with windows, menus, and the dock.
    • Understanding function keys and using common keyboard shortcuts.
    • Introducing System Preferences, setting mouse, trackpad and dock options.
    • Gesture control with mice and trackpads.
    • Connecting your Mac to the Internet
    • Setting up a printer

    • Organising items on the desktop, setting preferences.
    • Connecting external drives and deciding what shows up on the desktop.
    • Changing the desktop image.

    • Browsing through folders and files, making sense of the hierarchy of folders
    • Creating, copying, moving, and renaming files and folders
    • Using Quick Look to view a file without opening it.
    • Deleting files using the Trash
    • Different view options, what’s in it for you?
    • Getting information about files and folders

    • Launching and quitting applications, understanding differences here between OS X and Windows.
    • Organising applications in the Dock and customising the Dock.
    • Finding application preferences.
    • Using Mission Control and full-screen apps to organize your workspace.
    • How Dashboard and Widgets work.
    • Saving your work
    • Saving files within an application

    Find Stuff That’s Lost
    • Searching for files using Spotlight and search.
    • Refining your search.
    • Tagging files for quick searchability
    • Compressing files.

    Mail, Contacts, And Calendars
    • Setting up your email and other accounts for Mail, Calendar, and Contacts.
    • Working with the Mail application.
    • Using Calendar to organize your time.
    • Using Contacts to manage your address book.

    Browsing And Searching The Web
    • Using tabs and windows.
    • Bookmarking important websites.
    • Downloading files and protecting yourself
    • Generating secure passwords.

    Other Bundled Apps
    • Maps
    • Tunes
    • Buying and reading books with iBook’s
    • Working with the QuickTime video player
    • Using Notes and Reminders

    Installing Applications
    • Using the App Store to install and update applications
    • Installing from a CD or downloading from the web

    Backing Up And Restoring
    • Understanding backups and archives
    • Backing up manually
    • Backing up with Time Machine