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Malmesbury CE Primary School - Case Study

When we first implemented the iPad scheme there were many issues that, at the time, there didn’t appear to be many answers for, or at least many robust answers; printing was always a problem, deploying apps in a quick and cost effective manner, allowing pupils to have the freedom of their own device, whilst at the same time monitoring what they were doing with it, etc!

Perhaps the main blocker and the biggest headache to really getting people on board was the fact they had spent so long creating and refining resources which they had saved on the school’s trusty network, that they now couldn’t access on their iPad. Furthermore, ‘Where do I save my work somewhere centrally so that everyone can access/see it?’ was a common question.

Probably every school has a server of some description that is filled with important documents that you can access from a Windows PC – but what about an iPad?

Then along came Foldr! It really was a huge game changer.

It seamlessly glues together the Windows and Mac environments. Staff are able to access their files and documents anywhere and at anytime – either home, school or on the move using their phones. Pupils can save their work on the school network so that big media files aren’t taking up unnecessary space on their device. It has been brilliant and a really cost effective way of making sure that the leap from stuttering old laptop to iPad, doesn’t seem so big.

We’re approaching our second year of using Foldr and I simply can’t recommend it highly enough, and whether you’re just starting on your iPad journey or maybe if you’re a long way down, I urge you to check it out!

Adapted from a blog post available at or follow him @oakes_dan



St. Joseph's RC High School in Newport - Case Study

Prior to embarking on our 1:1 digital technology journey, 15 enthusiastic members of staff formed a Digital Learning Professional Learning Community (PLC). During these sessions we discussed the most effective ways to integrate digital technology into lessons.

We quickly recognised the impact that digital technology had on learning when used effectively. During our discussions we looked to share not only what we were doing in lessons that worked well, but also some of the barriers we were facing.

The problem of gathering work was causing us a major headache. Digital devices were being used to create new, innovative pieces of work that were previously impossible, yet this was stuck on a class set of iPads and there was no way of guaranteeing that learners would get the same device next lesson or that the work hadn't been removed between lessons. We tried many different solutions to the problem: emailing work was too laborious, cloud storage services were restricted by the network and using AirDrop was too time consuming and unreliable when faced with a class of 30 learners. Surely there's an easier way?

It turns out there is: Foldr! We were introduced to Foldr by our commercial partners and it was exactly what we needed. Our school was already well stocked with ICT hardware and had a robust network and now staff and students can access all of this from their iPad.

The integration was seamless. Pupils are now able to save anything they produce on their digital devices to their account on the school network and vice versa. In addition staff were extremely grateful as they can now access all of their high quality resources that they had collated and stored on the network, right from their iPad.

Although we're still only at the start of our digital journey, we highly recommend Foldr. As a result, we have selected it as one of our 10 core educational apps which form a vital part of our everyday digital toolkit.

Adapted from a blog post available at or follow them @iSJHS  




Clifton College - Case Study

With a mixed environment of Windows, PCs, Macs and an increasing number of iPads, Clifton College needed an easy-to-use system allowing pupils and staff to access and save network files from their iPad.

Senior IT Network Manager, Edd George, recognised the potential of the Foldr access system as soon as he saw it demonstrated at a Western Computer Educational Day.

I’ve now recommended it to schools nationally. It’s very easy to install and the pupils don’t even need to ask the IT department to set it up. It’s very useful for the iPads and having a web-based option gets round the problem of remote access for teaching staff. Previously files had to be emailed backwards and forwards.”

As an independent school with 40% of pupils boarding, access to work files in all areas of the school is very important to the college. Other benefits of Foldr have been the ease and speed at which videos and images can be uploaded, multiple file uploads and the ability to preview files before downloading. 

For more information on Foldr for your school or business, contact Western Computers on 0117 922 5661 to arrange a meeting with our consultant.