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Managed Services for Schools

Western Computer provides a comprehensive range of services to help you get the most out of the Apple technology in your school.

Western Computer provides a comprehensive range of services to help you get the most out of the Apple technology in your school. From teacher training and development, installation of systems to ongoing technical support, we are able to offer a complete managed service package.

Purchasing the equipment is only the start of the journey. We are passionate about making sure you can really make the most of Apple technology in the classroom. With so many opportunities to bring teaching and learning alive, we take every opportunity to show teachers and IT professionals what you can achieve.



Health Check


Things can change very quickly in technology, and making sure your iPads or Macs are up to date can have a huge impact on the effectiveness those devices have in the classroom. Why not arrange a health check visit from one of our Apple certified engineers to come to your school and assess your current Apple technology?



Vision and Plan Day


Take that first step – a full Vision and Plan Day for your Senior Management Team and curriculum leaders. The Vision and Plan Day explores how iPad can help you meet your long term technology goals and enhance existing teaching and learning plans.

This Vision and Plan Day is the first of many Apple Professional Learning days, all available to schedule as part of your on-going commitment to increase staff confidence using new technology in the classroom.



Meet the iPad Introduction Session


For staff not familiar with iPad, we offer a friendly 11⁄2 hr training course to go through the basics. We want everyone to feel both comfortable and competent with the iPad. This course can be delivered during the day or as a twilight session.

We help you to ensure that everyone has the basic knowledge needed to start using iPad in the classroom, from basic navigation to using some key apps and sharing files between devices. Staff confidence is an essential part of any successful deployment, and key to protecting your investment in the technology.


Apple Professional Learning - APL days of both inspiration and reassurance



Apple’s unique professional learning workshops are at the core of ensuring everyone can embrace the opportunities of Apple technology. Use the extensive course catalogue to establish a structured yet flexible training schedule.


These hands-on workshops are all run at your school by Apple Professional Learning mentors with education backgrounds. They understand what you need to know to bring your lessons to life including classroom management, content creation and an introduction to incredible subject apps.

Just a few selections from the Apple Professional Learning catalogue:

Challenge Based Learning

A hands-on workshop to learn how to use the iPad in problem-solving and real-world challenges. Uses a multi-disciplinary approach including collaborative tools.


Language Development and Literacy - just one of many curriculum courses

A day on enhancing literacy teaching. Includes developing technology-enriched lessons and exploring the many apps involved with vocabulary, writing and oral skills.

Workflow for Teaching and Learning
A workshop for teachers who want to explore the principles of content workflow between devices including file distribution and sharing.


iTunes U Course Manager

A day for teachers to create their own course content using iTunes U. Includes publishing content, preparing media and sharing courses with students. 


Volume Purchase Program Set Up


The Volume Purchase Program (VPP) offers easy volume purchasing and distribution of books and apps for iPad and Mac. The VPP scheme helps to buy your choice of book or app in bulk and easily distribute to all the relevant students’ devices. Setting up your VPP account may be quite a complex procedure. Western offers an installation service where we will set up and configure your account for you.



School and Classroom Installation Service 

We offer a full installation service of all hardware and integration of iPad and Mac into your existing infrastructure. As part of our complete service we can supply and install the correct solution for your school.

Access to your existing Windows storage is a key part of this solution. We can offer integration of Mac and iPad into your Active Directory environment.

Using a Mac mini Server you can control deployment of both Mac OS and iOS apps on a granular basis, for example using a caching server to locally store media, apps, books or enable a Wiki server to provide a collaborative workspace for the entire school.

Our Foldr software allows staff and students to access home folders and shared drives directly from the iPad maintaining existing authentication processes – the missing piece in the jigsaw for many schools. 

Managed services support plans




Western Help Desk 

Make an unlimited number of calls to an Apple Certified Technician who will assist you in diagnosing system faults or provide guidance on system set up and application use. The Help Desk offers a remote access service where our technicians will take control of your systems and resolve issues. Server support is available for an additional £200.



Schools Managed Services 

This includes Help Desk plus 3 days per year of pre-scheduled technician visits – onsite support including any installation of new equipment. Book one day per term or use them altogether. Additional days can be bought at anytime. Server support is available for an additional £400.



Schools Managed Services with APL

This includes 2 days of Apple based APL training designed to meet your specific training needs. Talk to us about how we can help with your APL sessions – offering updates or further insights into how the iPad can transform your teaching.

Our Western Care optional on-site hardware cover is also available to complement the Help Desk. With this level of cover if we cannot resolve your system issues remotely, we will send a technician to your school to fix on site.



Mobile Device Management Set Up

Take control of your new mobile environment with our Mobile Device Management (MDM) configuration service. Using MDM you can wirelessly configure and update settings, remotely wipe or lock managed devices, interrogate iPad remotely and much more.


We can enrol iPad into the MDM environment, and configure whatever restrictions and profiles you require. Using the Volume Purchase Programme (VPP) with your MDM you can easily distribute apps and books to students and staff.

Some of the features available through MDM are:


 Volume Purchase Programme integration

 Distribute apps, books and PDFs easily to select groups

 Allow teachers to lock a supervised iPad into ‘Follow Me’ mode and have a higher level of classroom management

 Whitelist or blacklist websites

 Secure distribution of sensitive information

 Deploy apps to specific groups

 Remote installation and removal of apps



Build and manage your infrastructure



Is your infrastructure ready to go mobile?


Every system needs a reliable, robust and future- proofed infrastructure. We’ll start by carrying out a full on-site survey of your entire network, then work with you to plan for the future.


Building new or enhancing the existing infrastructure


Western Computer have the expertise and experience to help you build a brand new infrastructure, or enhance your existing one, for a successful deployment of iPad or Mac. We will also ensure your existing PC population is fully integrated into the new infrastructure. New Apple technology can all be integrated into an existing Active Directory environment maintaining security and authentication processes.


Wi-Fi networking – robust and reliable


A reliable, hi-speed and secure Wi-Fi network is vital to ensure that everyone gets the most from the educational opportunities that the iPad and Mac can offer. In a large school that means reaching every corner of the school grounds, inside and out, from temporary classrooms to tower blocks. From our technical experts to yours.

Insurance and Warranty Service


With many mobile devices on the move, teachers and parents need the reassurance of a comprehensive insurance and warranty scheme. 


With unlimited claims and zero excess on the first claim, our Accidental Damage and Theft (AD&T) insurance helps protect your investment at home, in school or while travelling against theft, accidental damage, flood and fire.

As your device is covered by the standard manufacturer’s one year warranty, our extended warranty offers coverage against mechanical failure in years two and three.

Under our insurance and warranty scheme we collect from your school, fix and return at no extra cost. As an Apple Authorised Service Provider (AASP) we can offer a complete service for all insurance and warranty repairs, not relying on any third party companies.


Technical Training


Western Computer offer a wide range of Apple certified courses for IT staff and technicians, allowing them to develop skills for themselves and the school.

Classes at our Apple Authorised Training Centre cover integration, management and support of Apple technologies with certification available. Online tests are adjudicated by Western as an authorised test centre.


Training is available in three areas – Mac Desktop, Mac Server and iOS Support.

A selection of our most popular Apple certified courses:


101: Mac OS X Support Essentials


Aimed at all those who support Mac users. Also technical coordinators that manage networks such as computer labs.


The Course: A three-day, hands-on course to give a detailed look at features, functions and troubleshooting on OS X. A combination of presentations and hands-on experience.


201: Mac OS X Server Essentials


Aimed at technical coordinators who manage and maintain networks using OS X Server.


The Course: A three-day course to offer technical coordinators and system administrators the skills to maintain a network that uses OS X Server. Covering network-based services, such as file sharing. Includes lectures and hands-on experience.


Mac OS X: iOS Deployment and Management

Aimed at system administrators who implement and maintain iOS based devices.


The Course: A one-day hands-on workshop to offer skills and knowledge to manage iOS based devices. Covers configuration and use of a MDM server. Also creating iOS Configuration profiles and use of Apple Profile Manager and Configurator.


For details and dates of ALL our technical training, please visit our training page 



For more information, please email;



Or alternatively, call us on:

0845 266 8886