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Apple School Manager

Apple School Manager is a new web portal from Apple that enables you to configure mobile device management (MDM) enrolment settings, create Managed Apple IDs, buy content and set up iTunes U courses.


This new destination is accessible through the web and is designed for technology managers and IT administrators.

Sign-up is simple. Once you’re enrolled in Apple School Manager, your school, institution or local authority can easily assign devices to an MDM solution; purchase apps and learning materials; and create accounts for staff, teachers and students. On your first login, a helpful Setup Assistant walks you through the steps you need to manage your devices, such as creating new roles for your staff and helping you connect your school’s MDM solution to supported student information systems (SIS).

If you’re already enrolled in the Device Enrolment Programme (DEP) or the Volume Purchase Programme (VPP), all your account information and data will be migrated to Apple School Manager, bringing together everything needed to deploy iOS devices. 

Apple School Manager is where you can create Managed Apple IDs for your entire school or local authority. Managed Apple IDs are owned and controlled by your school or local authority and have been specially designed to meet the needs of education institutions, including creating IDs in bulk and allowing for password resets, limitations on purchasing and communications, and role-based administration.


It’s easy to quickly assign devices to your MDM with automated device enrolment in Apple School Manager. Now you can access your MDM servers and devices from a single place.



Apple School Manager makes it easy to buy apps and books in bulk for all your students and teachers. When you purchase apps in Apple School Manager, your education volume discount is applied automatically. And as soon as you make a purchase, it’s simple to use MDM to push apps and books to the classes, teachers and students who need them.



Here is a high-level overview of the process.

If you were an existing Volume Purchase Programme or Device Enrolment Programme account holder, there is no need to enrol. When Apple School Manager is available, you will be given the option to automatically migrate your devices and content to the new system.

For new enrolments, let’s step through the process screen by screen.




Get started with a new account
To create a new account, go to and click Enroll, then enter the required information. During the review process, the verification contact will be contacted by phone or email and asked for additional info before your enrolment is approved.

First, enter your institution’s info including location, legal name, work address, phone number, work URL and institution type (school or higher education).

Existing accounts
If you’re already enrolled in the Device Enrolment Programme (DEP) or Volume Purchase Programme (VPP), your account information and data will be migrated to Apple School Manager, bringing together everything needed to deploy your devices. iTunes U will also have a new integrated enrolment with Apple School Manager so courses can be created using class registers.




Once your institution details are entered, you’ll enter your own information and provide a verification contact. You’ll enter and review your information including the first and last name of the individual enrolling on behalf of the institution and a work email address that is not associated with an iTunes or iCloud account. Note: This email address must not have been previously used as an Apple ID for any other Apple service or website. You’ll also enter role and job title.



Next you’ll enter and review the verification contact information. The verification contact binds your institution to the Apple School Manager terms and conditions. Examples might include your principal/head teacher, school treasurer or local authority education officer. Apple will contact your verification contact to confirm your enrolment. You can simply provide name, work email address, role/job title, or the verification contact.
Click Continue.



Review the information carefully, click Submit, then agree to the Apple School Manager terms and conditions.



Your enrolment is now in review. Check your email for a message from Apple School Manager with the subject line “Your enrollment is in review”.

During the review process, your verification contact will be contacted by phone and asked to confirm information about you and your institution before your enrolment is approved. Make sure that any email filters allow mail from all domains, and please return any missed phone calls quickly so the enrolment process can proceed smoothly.



For more information, please email;



Or alternatively, call us on:

0845 266 8886