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Our Mobile Learning Scheme makes it easier for every student to bring an iPad or Mac into school.

Mobile Learning. Making it affordable.


Our Mobile Learning Scheme makes it easier for every student to bring an iPad or Mac into school.

Getting started – Step 1


Explore iPad before taking the next step. Many schools purchase a small number of iPads to explore their use in different subjects and for teachers to evaluate the pedagogical benefit.


Classroom sets – Step 2 


Once you have implemented the first step and you have experienced how iPad can transform learning, you are now ready to introduce a full class set with charging, storage and security solutions. We can offer advise on device management as iPads start to be used more widely around the school.


An iPad for every student – Step 3 


The next stage would be to deploy an iPad to every pupil. You will be introduced to our flexible finance, parent contribution and insurance options.


Flexible finance options


We recognise that getting the finances right can almost be as important as the technology itself. Every school is different so our flexible finance options are just that – flexible. Lease arrangements can help, available over 2-3 years, then buy, return or update the devices.  

Share the costs with parents


Accessing the iPad at home as well as school, means families are all part of the process. Joint financing programs with regular contributions from parents can be handled easily and automatically, at levels agreed between all.


Ordering, billings and collections made easy


Ordering, purchasing and payment schemes all go through one dedicated point - the Web Portal set up by Western and accessed by both school and parents. Billing made easy by regular automated payments from parents’ accounts.


Insurance and warranty


With many mobile devices on the move, teachers and parents need
the reassurance of a comprehensive insurance scheme for issues at home or school. Under our insurance and warranty scheme we collect from your school, fix and return at no extra cost.


Professional development for teachers


The number of teachers’ workshops required can all be part of an agreed finance package. For every 25 iPads purchased, the school is entitled to a free half-day workshop.  





For more information, please email;



Or alternatively, call us on:

0845 266 8886