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Manage Classrooms with AirWatch Teacher Tools

As mobile technology continues to play an integral role in today’s K12 learning environments, education mobility is no longer solely about managing mobile devices, applications and content – but rather empowering teachers to manage classrooms. To ensure that mobile technology enhances and does not hinder the student learning experience, schools require a solution that empowers teachers to guide mobile learning safely and effectively.

AirWatch® Teacher Tools is a set of applications that enables teachers to manage student devices in the classroom using a simple interface. Developed specifically to meet the needs of K12 schools, AirWatch Teacher Tools places basic device management capabilities in the hands of teachers to reduce reliance on IT administrators for basic device troubleshooting and to minimize classroom disruptions. AirWatch Teacher Tools includes two applications; AirWatch® Teach for teachers and AirWatch® Learn for students. Empower teachers to manage student access to educational resources in classrooms to create personalized learning pathways with AirWatch Teach. Enable students to securely access files, applications and websites to facilitate mobile learning with AirWatch Learn.


Easily create classes and distribute educational content. 


View student device information, including battery life and clear passcodes when needed.


Lock individuals, small groups or the entire class into approved files, appes or websites for a specified time or at will.


Enable the Attention feature to temporarily disable student devices and command attention to the front of the classroom.

 View all classes and approved files,
applications and websites. 


Remain on task with classroom
instruction and assignments. 

 Customise application profiles and
themes to indicidual preferences.