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AirWatch Content Locker

As mobile learning continues to define the next-generation of education, K12 schools and universities are looking to integrate mobile technology into classrooms and across campuses to strengthen student learning and enhance the educational experience.

Mobile technology brings educational content and media to student fingertips, creating an interactive and engaging learning environment like never before.

Educational institutions today are faced with the challenge of developing a mobile strategy that empowers both students and faculty with anytime, anywhere access to educational resources on the devices of their choice while ensuring security, managing budget concerns and accommodating changing requirements.

AirWatch® Content Locker protects sensitive content in an enterprise-grade container and provides students and faculty with a central application to securely access, distribute and collaborate on the latest documents from their mobile devices. Our enterprise file sync and share solution (EFSS) helps extend learning outside of traditional course locations and times to facilitate a continuous experience for students, as well as prevent unauthorized distribution of research, intellectual property or course documents. 






Significant Cost Savings by Replacing Paper Processes

Educational institutions traditionally rely heavily on paper and printing workflows. From textbooks to conventional paper testing, the monetary obligation of supporting endless paper-based processes becomes substantial. With AirWatch Content Locker, K12 schools and universities save budgets by introducing paperless learning environments and utilizing an enterprise file sync and share solution.



Productivity Tools for the Modern Classroom

AirWatch Content Locker enhances mobile productivity by providing multiple tools for students and faculty to work seamlessly on-the-go. Empower students with the ability to create entirely new content from their mobile devices, including text and Microsoft Office files. Secure audio recording and note taking capabilities enable students to easily reference past lectures, speaking presentations and more. Promote teamwork on group assignments with document editing and annotation, enabling students or educators to edit a document and instantly share for review. Streamline the feedback process by enabling file commenting, @tags and the Activity Feed. 



Real-time Access to Educational Content

Mobility is fundamentally changing how educators and students access and distribute educational resources. Introduce mobile technology into classrooms to establish blended learning environments that enhance student engagement and interaction. Empower educators to facilitate course documents, syllabi and eTextbooks for streamlined access to necessary course materials, while students experience enhanced curriculum with real-time access to educational websites, media and digital content. Integrate with repositories such as SharePoint, Google Drive or other personal networks to provide
a single point of access to content and extend the network beyond the four walls of the classroom.



Enterprise-grade Security for Data Protection

Educational institutions are home to intellectual thought leaders and cutting-edge research, positioning them as potential targets for cyber threats. Combat potential security risks by leveraging advanced mobile security methods and dynamic watermarks to ensure intellectual property and research do not breach outside of schools or university networks. Protect all data in transit, in use and at rest with AES 256-bit, FIPS 140-2 encryption, disabling third party file sharing apps, enforcing complex authentication and more.



Global Scalability and Multitenancy

Technologies need to be flexible and cost-effective to easily accommodate growing educational needs. Leverage existing IT infrastructure investments to minimize costs and maintain budget constraints. Rely on our highly scalable and multitenant architecture to support disparate departments and grade levels across your entire school system in a single console. Customize the student experience by pushing various security policies, language and branding preferences based on location.


For more information on how AirWatch could benefit your learning establishment, please contact our consultant on 0117 922 5661.