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Introduction to Edge Animate

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About Introduction to Edge Animate

Learn how to use Edge Animate to deliver animation and interactivity to multiple devices, and how Edge animate can bring rich experiences to digital publishing.

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£449.00 + VAT

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  • Introduction to Edge Animate

    Course Overview
    Adobe Edge Animate uses the power and near-universal usability of HTML 5 to deliver a new way of creating rich interactive animated content for web and mobile sites.
    Take this course to find out how to build basic layouts, develop animated images, and build interactive scenes using the tools in Edge animate. Use is made of the auto key frame, auto transition features and triggers based on the time line. These compositions can then be deployed in websites, digital books, iBooks and much more. Finally delegates are shown during the course how to use content from other applications such as Flash and Photoshop.

    What You Will Learn
    What is Edge Animate, where does it fit in the Creative suite?
    How to create a new project.
    Preparing, importing and manipulating assets from Photoshop, Fireworks, or Illustrator.
    Adding text to a composition, understanding web fonts
    Animating with the Toggle Pin
    Using easing to control motion
    Animating clip and background positions
    Looping animation
    Working with symbols and libraries
    Targeting elements with actions
    Using responsive layout presets to make animations that suit multiple devices

    Who Should Attend
    This course is intended as an introductory course. It is suitable for anyone without any knowledge of Edge Animate. By the end of the course delegates will understand how to do simple animation and buttons and link these for interactivity.

    Further Learning
    Have a personalised course designed for you.
    Bring real-world issues or troublesome files and get your questions answered.
    Cover the corners of Edge Animate not normally covered in our scheduled courses.
    Fast-track learning into Edge Animate's extended features.
    Call our training consultant on 0117 922 5661 with your requirements for a quote or to make a booking.

    How Do I Book?
    To book a training course, please call our Training Coordinator on 0117 922 5661 or alternatively send an email to 

  • Course Duration: 2 Days

    Course Outline
    The following outline is a summary of the subjects that will be covered on the course. All of our courses are responsive to the requests and learning needs of learners and as such content may be changed, adjusted or otherwise altered on the day and as thus should be taken as indicative only. 
    Delegates should also note that content on the day may change due to circumstances outside of our control, such as changes by the manufacturer.

    Introduction, what is Edge Animate and where does it fit in?
    How do I get the software?
    What kind of file does Edge Animate actually create?
    Edge animate, a constantly evolving product.
    Learning the Edge Animate workspace
    Overview of the interface
    Learning the basics of Edge Animate by using the inbuilt lessons.
    Migrating from Adobe Flash to Edge Animate.

    Creating Content
    Creating a new project
    Using the rectangle and ellipse drawing tools
    Transforming shapes.
    Adding text to a composition, understanding web fonts.
    Using fonts from Edge Web Fonts, Adobe TypeKit and Google
    Preparing content with Adobe Photoshop
    Preparing HTML5 audio with Adobe Audition
    Encoding HTML5 video
    Importing content into the animation and manipulating it.
    Applying CSS filters to elements to create shadows and other effects.
    How to make a CSS gradients

    Composing Layouts
    Creating a composition by adding and arranging elements
    Creating templates
    Adding audio to your composition
    Adding video to your composition

    Animating Elements
    Activating properties to animate
    How to use Auto Key frame and Auto Transition
    Animating with the Toggle Pin
    Setting easing options for control of speed in animations
    Using a motion path, editing and transforming the motion paths
    Animating clip and background position
    Working with sprite animations for character animation.
    How to animate the CSS filter and shadow properties, animating CSS gradients
    Using sound effects and audio in animation

    Making Adjustments to Animations
    Moving and reusing entire animations .
    Setting an animation to loop.
    Changing your artwork

    Creating animated symbols
    Controlling the how the symbol works.

    Actions and Triggers
    Assigning actions to objects
    Targeting symbols and labels with actions
    Using touch and swipe gestures
    Creating article links for Adobe DPS magazines
    Adding stage and preload events

    Creating Responsive Layouts
    Setting responsive stage properties
    Grouping elements into symbols
    Setting the stage measurements and adjusting the objects measurements.
    Using presets for responsive layout

    Working Between Edge Animate Projects
    Using multiple documents
    Moving symbols between documents

    Using animations in web and digital publications
    Publishing for the web
    Publishing to an Animate Deployment Package (OAM)
    Publishing for iBooks and OS X
    Using files in Adobe InDesign and DPS
    Using files in Adobe Dreamweaver and in Adobe Muse
    Using widgets in iBooks Author

    Using Edge Animate on Existing HTML
    Animating elements of a responsive web design