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Griffin Survivor Clear
iPhone 5s / SE

£19.99 inc. VAT

About Griffin Survivor Clear
iPhone 5s / SE

It looks like your iPhone is wearing nothing at all. But, in a Survivor Clear case, you’ll know your iPhone is protected from drops — even on a hard pavement.

£19.99 inc. VAT

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  • Description
  • Key features
  • Survivor Core is crystal-clear polycarbonate married to tough, resilient TPE rubber at edges and corners, to give your iPhone impact protection where it needs it most. And holding it feels great, thanks to a slightly curved silhouette.
    And is it tough? Oh yeah.
    Shock/Drop Test: We repeatedly dropped a Survivor Core-clad iPhone on a concrete floor from a height of 6 ft (that's higher than you will probably ever drop it from while standing)
    Vibration: We subjected Survivor and iPhone to 18 hours of bone-shaking vibration, from 20 to 2000 cycles per second (imagine leaving your iPhone on the floor of your car all day while you negotiate under-construction roads at top speed)
    In both tests, Survivor Core delivered. Will your iPhone in a Survivor Core case ever have to withstand the conditions in our tests? Probably not. But, if Survivor performs this well in our tests, imagine your peace of mind every time you accidentally "drop a call" in the parking lot.

  • Crystal-clear polycarbonate shell protects the back of your iPhone
    Tough TPE rubber at edges and corners absorbs impacts
    Port for back camera
    Edges molded for secure grip
    Open ports for easy access to connectors and controls