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Mac OS X Management & Unified Laptop Management

AirWatch® by VMware® provides comprehensive enterprise mobility management solutions for Mac OS X laptops. With AirWatch, you can secure all devices enrolled in your enterprise, including smartphones, tablets and laptops, and implement consistent corporate policies across your entire deployment from the admin console. 

AirWatch supports Mac OS versions 10.7 (Lion), 10.8 (Mountain Lion), 10.9 (Mavericks) and 10.10 (Yosemite), and all devices running those operating system versions, including MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac mini, iMac and Mac Pro.

AirWatch Differentiators
Single admin console to manage all mobile devices.

Comprehensive EMM platform.

Best-in-class, highly scalable architecture.

Unparalleled multitenancy and role-based access.

Automated and configurable compliance engine.

Flexible deployments in the cloud or on premise.

 AirWatch and Apple
Instant, same-day support for new iOS and Mac OS X releases.

Streamlined configuration and software distribution.

Simplified enrollment and Device Enrollment Program support.

Multilayer endpoint protection and compliance monitoring.

App lifecycle management and AirWatch® Catalog.

Secure content collaboration through the self-service portal.


Unified Laptop Management  

Laptops have become an integral part of how people work, allowing users access to corporate content from any location. Traditional laptop management consisted of domain-joined management, leading to fragmentation and variations in management among different laptop platforms. Emerging new use cases such as bring your own laptop have also expanded the role of laptop management in the enterprise, changing how IT must manage these devices.

The combination of multiple operating systems, management solutions and other mobile devices entering the enterprise has led to additional challenges for IT in ensuring these devices remain secure and monitored.

AirWatch® Laptop Management enables you to manage Chromebooks, Mac OS and Windows laptops alongside your smartphones and tablets in a single console. For IT, allow for quick configuration and automated software package distribution and workflows. With AirWatch, IT can view an inventory of connected laptops and provide support to end users through remote assistance and troubleshooting capabilities. For end users, AirWatch ensures that their laptops remain secure with multilayered endpoint protection. 

Users can enroll in AirWatch through a simplified enrollment process and gain access to AirWatch apps to enhance their productivity. End user privacy is protected with a complete separation of personal and corporate data for BYOL, and users have visibility and control of their devices with the self-service portal. 






Configuration ManagementConfigure corporate resources for Macs and ensure secure connectivity to back-end systems with certificate authentication and per-app VPN. Manage configurations based on dynamic smart groups and leverage custom profile configurations to deploy managed preferences. Automatically connect end users to corporate resources such as Wi-Fi and VPN, and configure Exchange Web Services and Outlook accounts automatically.

 Software DistributionConfigure update and execute software packages as well as manage VMware Fusion enterprise license keys. Create an automated workflow for software, apps, files, scripts and commands and configure installation during enrollment, on-demand or at a predefined time. With AirWatch, you can set packages to install based on conditions, including network status or defined schedules, and deploy software updates automatically and notify the user when updates occur. Once deployed, view a log of successful installations and executions in the admin console. Upload and deploy applications to laptops with defined app descriptions, images and categories in AirWatch Catalog. Integrate with the Apple Volume Purchase Program for managed app distribution.


Remote AssistanceProvide support to your end users with remote assistance and troubleshooting. Query device details, perform a firmware level device lock and prompt users to enter a password or PIN. View a user’s Mac from the admin console via AirPlay mirroring. If a device is compromised, revoke access to corporate resources and perform an enterprise or full device wipe. 


Asset Tracking Monitor and track Mac inventory from a single console, and manage across organization groups with multitenancy and role-based access controls. View detailed laptop and end user information, and record and export reports or console event logs. Integrate with AppleCare to request details like warranty status, purchase country and purchase date. 


User EnablementEnable users with simplified self-enrollment and automatically configure Macs once they are enrolled. AirWatch also offers support for the Device Enrollment Program for Mac devices. Provide complete separation of data for BYOL users. Allow users to share devices with multiuser support. Enhance productivity with AirWatch apps for laptops, including AirWatch® Agent, AirWatch Catalog and AirWatch® Content Locker. Users can resolve common laptop issues through the AirWatch self-service portal. Users can also view details of all their enrolled devices, such as encryption status, installed profiles and apps, and compliance status. 


Endpoint ProtectionEnsure security with a multilayer approach to endpoint protection. Passcode policies, global HTTP proxy, feature restrictions and full disk encryption help secure corporate data. Gatekeeper settings prevent malicious app downloads, and configurable restrictions can prevent user actions. Continuously monitor laptops for security issues with the AirWatch compliance engine. 


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